Exodus 12:2

Brothers and Sisters,

This past academic year (whoa…is it already time for the end of Summer and a new school year?) I was speaking with some of the middle school students at our parishes and I asked them if they knew what saint’s memorial it was that day. One of the students just laughed and said: Father, pretty much EVERY day is a feast day! We all laughed.

It’s true – there are around ten thousand saints plus the blesseds, servants of God, and others who may be on track for sainthood. This week has a lot of bigger feast days – I want to highlight two types of days that punctuate the whole year.

Throughout the year we see many feast days for Blessed Mother and for the Holy Apostles. These are intentionally spread around to help sanctify the entire year. Sure, Christmas and Easter are high holy days, and yes Saint Patrick’s day gets a lot of both religious and secular attention but the days of Blessed Mother and the Apostles are huge helpers for getting closer to Christ, since they themselves were the closest to Him while He walked to Earth.

This week is one of those rare times where the feast of an apostle is close to one of Mary. Not surprisingly, one week after the Assumption of Blessed Mother, we celebrate the queenship of Mary over Heaven and Earth; the Assumption and her role as Queen go hand-in-hand.

Also this week is the Feast of Saint Bartholomew (who is also known as Nathaniel). All that we really know about him is that Saint Phillip brought him to Christ. This always inspires me because I recall so many people who helped me become closer to Christ and also that I myself must bring everyone that He has placed in my own life closer to Him.

Blessed Mother and holy Saints: pray for us.

God be near,

Father Jeremy Pastor