Brothers and Sisters,

As you may already know, the bishop of the Diocese of Saint Cloud has suspended all public liturgy in the Diocese of Saint Cloud at least through Monday, 13 April 2020.  Although that is a very difficult thing in many ways, I want to be sure that all members of the parishes know that I am working to be sure that all of us are able to pray and have access to the liturgy and devotions of the Church at least electronically.

The website for the Church of Saint Olaf will have news items updated regularly which will include links to sites that are also helping Catholics pray and become stronger in the Faith during these days when public access to the Mass has been suspended in our area.  Please do check the Saint Olaf website regularly, as well as connecting with the Saint Olaf page on Twitter and Facebook – both of-which are linked to at the top-right side of every page of the Saint Olaf website.  It is on these social media platforms that I will be posting and live streaming the Mass of the day and, often, devotions and even Holy Hours as well.

God be near, Father Jeremy