Brothers and Sisters,

The Church of Saint Olaf has been hard at work to make necessary improvements while keeping costs down and responsibly using the donations that our members have given us.

  • CAMERAS:  our parish has updated, new security cameras that will be able to see who comes in at odd-hours; this was in response to theft from the parish that was reported to Grant County law enforcement.
  • SPEAKERS:  for years, our speakers have been inadequate and mobile microphone signals not powerful-enough to maintain a strong signal; our updates done by professionals familiar with church-architecture will not only vastly improve sound quality but will also end the problems with signal-loss from mobile microphones.
  • DOORS:  fundamental to all of these improvements is keeping the building secure; we want to encourage people to come to the Church and pray while keeping everything in the Church safe; Saint Olaf is one of a very, very few churches that has not locked the doors outside of regular hours; the doors of the Church will now be locked during evening/night hours; the goal is not to prevent people from praying or volunteering in the Church, the goal is to ensure that we keep the building safe and secure.