Baby Supplies

Please see the attached list for supplies to be donated to local pro-life centers.  Please also donate financially.  Bring in cash to the parish or make a check out to the parish with “pro-life” in the memo line.


COR Baby Campaign

All physical and financial donations will go to local pro-life organizations to support parents and children, especially those with unplanned pregnancies.

Baby Bottles:             fill the bottles with change and dollars, or even a check for as much as you can give; make check payable to your home parish with “pro-life” in the memo line

Baby Supplies:           bring in these new suggested supplies to the parish to support parents who are unable to afford the essentials for their young children.

  • diapers and pull-ups
  • baby wipes
  • baby lotions and shampoos
  • baby socks, hats, mittens
  • clothes for newborns, infants, and toddlers
  • car seat, diaper bag, nursing pillow
  • bottles, cups, warmers
  • washcloths, baby blanket, pacifiers, and teethers